Seniors, Look Sharp!

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Just like this dashing Columbian, you too can have your likeness forever memorialized.

Class of 2011: the time has come for you to be immortalized in the 2011 Columbian Yearbook. You have been requested to have your portraits taken between Monday November 8th and Friday, November 12th in the West Ramp Lounge in Lerner.

Avail of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and schedule your appointment NOW by:

a) logging onto Herff Jones’ 24-hour scheduling site: www.OURYEAR.COM, and entering the school code 87186.

b) calling 1-800-OUR-YEAR (687-9327).

Do not panic. You will receive “complete information on how to prepare for your portrait sitting and other pertinent information” upon scheduling your appointment.

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  1. Do we  

    have to pay for the portraits/the yearbook?

    Basically is this a scam like class rings?

    • Anonymous


      A story from a long time ago (veracity a bit wobbly, admittedly) - the yearbook club people, with approval from the bureaucracy, refused to publish a yearbook, conceding that it was all a futile exercise. Once word reached El Presidente, however, the yearbook was suddenly brought back from the dead.

      Do the graduate schools even bother with the yearbook nonsense?

  2. Legitimate Question  

    How many seniors actually get their pictures taken for this?

  3. how do I know this shit?  

    there's a $5 sitting fee to take the photos. (this was listed somewhere in the sign-up shit.) presumably we will also be given the opportunity to purchase these photos for ourselves at some ridiculous rate.

    yearbooks are sold through the TIC and are insanely expensive. I think there are still a couple of samples there from previous years, if you want to go flip through and see how many seniors actually appear.

  4. well well well  

    SHAME ON YOU BWOG for posting this ridiculous advertisement. Every senior out there knows "senior pictures", yearbooks, and class rings are all scams that outside vendors put on to get our money. How much did they pay you to get you to advertise for them? I mean seriously, what has happened to Bwog? sell outs.

  5. yeah  

    almost no seniors (outside of maybe CCSC) pays for any of that crap. please sean manning udell, quit harassing me about it and fix the damn dining plan.

  6. Back in my day  

    JJ's had a buffalo chicken wrap that you could get to go at 3:45AM and bring back to Butler.

  7. i know it's nerdy  

    but the picture is actually useful for job applications, gradschool directories, and other things of equally lame nature.

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