Bwoglines: Weezy F Baby and F is For FRIDAY

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Weezy Free Baby

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the love of Bwog’s life rapper Lil Wayne, was FREED from jail yesterday! (MTV)

Harlem is hip again! Check out where all the cool cats are eating these days. (Eater)

There’s lead in your drinking water, but it’s not quite as bad as it sounds. (CBS)

The state of Michigan has now banned Four Loko. Everyone is sad. (Gawker)

The woman considered to be the world’s oldest died yesterday at age 114. (AP)

Reminder: NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be coming to the Low Rotunda on Thursday, November 18th to give a keynote address at the panel discussion “Urban Education Summit: Innovations in K-12.” Online registration opens here at noon. For all you eager beaver future makers of public policy, sign up!

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  1. lil wayne  

    can't rap worth shit

    Doesn't anyone notice this? I feel Like I'm taking crazy pills

  2. Anonymous

    Yo i don't understand what people see in this little midget.

  3. Anonymous  

    Lil Wayne sucks. That is all.

  4. optional  

    Wayne is simply too prolific, so a lot of his stuff can't help but be shit. And, unfortunately, a lot of his poorer music enters mainstream consciousness. If you're more familiar with Weezy's body of work as whole, then you know that as many times as he sucks, he is equal parts brilliant, especially with regard to his older, less-selling albums/mixtapes.

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