Laptop Theft: It Happens!

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For all those looking to keep your MacBooks from getting stolen when leaving them unattended (read: camping) in Butler, head over to Lerner ramps to get your electronics registered and engraved by CU Public Safety.

The Columbia community is no stranger to laptop theft, so it’s probably in your best interest to check it out. Safety first, friends.

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  1. hmm  

    how long will they be there?

  2. will  

    this cost us as well? un freaking believeable bwog.

  3. Story Time

    Back in my freshman year, I used to leave my MacBook Pro unattended for hours in Butler (and not in some private cubicle -- in reading rooms, on the table).

    When I look back on that now I wonder: WHAT. THE. FUCK. was I thinking. What made me think that that was a good idea? The world may never know.

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