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It’s that time of year–the Dining Services Customer Satisfaction Survey 2010 is here! For every survey that is filled out, Dining Services will donate $0.50 to the soup kitchen at the Broadway Presbyterian Church. In addition, Dining Services will match, in food donations, the total donation amount from all of the surveys taken. Also, something Bwog didn’t know until we checked the survey:

Thanks to patronage at our Dining units, Dining Services is able to give our union employees a living wage salary. They also receive health insurance, vacation time, sick days, and job security– benefits which are not offered traditionally at many restaurants and dining locations in the industry.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Oh, so there's a dining services union. No wonder dining is so bad.

  2. yep  

    a number of them should honestly be fired. but wont bc of thier union

  3. Anonymous  

    This is great :)

  4. um

    just because they're donating 50 cents for every survey completed, I will not submit one.

  5. a senior can dream...

    Living wage salary, health insurance, sick days, vacation time, and job security...if only Columbia students could expect a job with all those perks after graduation.

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