1. Dear Bwog

    1. Stop playing black people music, because we know you're all white at bwog.

    2. When are you going to link websites to open to a new tab? Cuz it's annoying to close tabs to realize that you also closed the previous bwog page. Fucking FIX IT. LEARNED, FUCKING FIRE ALL OF THEM NOW.

    3. I know you're gonna delete this post before you get a chance to favorite it.

    • Anonymous  

      Agreed about the new tab thing!

    • Dear Bwog  

      Disagree with the above commenter. Your taste in rap is impeccable. You should work on the tab thing though. That is a good idea.

    • ...  

      while you're at it, you should also make it so that it takes two clicks to follow links on bwog. sometimes i click when i don't really mean it or i'm not paying attention and then something changes and i end up on some webpage and i can't figure out what happened to the bwog and then i have to open another tab to open the bwog again and then it happens again and then i have like 50 tabs open but none of them are the bwog and my computer really slows down and it takes like 20 minutes to type one comment, it's really annoying please fix it.

      oh and why did the o turn into a black man? he must be sad, i see tears. he looks like he's crying. maybe because one day he realized that someone had stolen his chin? that would make me sad, but i'm not sure if i would cry. well maybe, if somebody took my chin away and turned me into an o i would probably cry. especially if i was pinned in place by a big white w and and big grey g. the w looks like he's probably a real asshole, look at those serifs, anybody with serifs like that would be the kind of neighbor that calls to have the cable guy towed when you've been waiting for months to get the internet fixed. the g has serifs too, but look at that nice neighborly arc, that's his soft side. he would be the same way but you'd never know because he'd be the type to control his anger with inebriants. and well, the b would be the worst of the bunch, he has curves too, might be a nice guy... too bad he'd be a complete passive aggressive jerk because some new dude with no chin moved into the neighborhood and decided to completely block his view. yeah, if i were that man, i think i'd cry too.

  2. and  

    oh haha bwog you forgot to change YOUR time!

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