1. hey ryan  

    how's life? well i trust

  2. hey learned  

    it's okay, i find it hard to study in SGO with bwog meeting here too

  3. i know  

    there are so many of them it's crazy. plus they have couches

  4. my captcha  

    hardest thing to fill out ever? i never get it right :(

    I CAN'T TELL WHAT KIND OF FOOD THEY HAVE!! i am staring over their shoulders but i think i'm just freaking them out.

  5. it looks like  

    it's some sort of packaged cookie. step up your game, bwog! i expect something warm, not stupid cookies. i just made eye contact with one of them and they scowled a little

  6. additionally  

    i don't see any jester. except for you, as part of jester.

    WTF BWOG! maybe they are planning some sort of a frontal assault on jester?

  7. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

    Gentlemen! Join us next week. I assure you that scowl was flirtatious.

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