A-Hinks’ “Not Safe for Work” Alter-ego: The Finalists

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Hear ye, hear ye! Bwog declares new Barnard Dean Avis Hinkson shall henceforth be called A-Hinks.

But you, lovely readers, had some stellar suggestions. So we want you to vote on a “not safe for work” unofficial nickname in the comments. The finalists are:

  • Jar Jar Hinks
  • Hinkberry
  • Da Vinki
  • The Incredible Hink

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  1. Anonymous


    Is there even a question?!

  2. No one for  

    Hinky-panky? Seriously?

  3. Harmony Hunter  

    look bwog i just want to know is where Harmony is

  4. SEAS  

    what is Peña-Mora's?

  5. lawlsicles  

    Jar-Jar Hinks, hands down.

  6. lost  

    i don't get the jar jar hinks one. can someone explain?????

  7. how about

    HInk my nutsssssssss........

    just a suggestion.

  8. Anonymous  

    jar jar hinks

  9. You cant handle the truth!  

    Da Vinki

  10. DUH  

    jar jar hinks all the way, baby

  11. Anonymous  

    JAR JAR HINKS, definitely

  12. Anonymous

    The Incredible Hink!

  13. Anonymous  

    jar jar hinks. no question.

  14. RevHinks!

    I still like RevHinks best. I mean, come on, she's a minister. How awesome is that?

  15. i say  

    the incredible hink

  16. has to be  

    i mean, that's genius.

  17. what about  

    tinks? as in tinkerbell? or The Incredible hiNKS?

  18. Nicknamers

    that come up with such lame nicknames need nicknames of their own.

  19. GUYS

    what about boo boo kitty fuck?

  20. Da Vinki!  

    Da Vinki! Da Vinki! There is no J in this woman's name/title . . Da Vinki = Dean AVis hINKson (I)

  21. Anonymous  

    Jar Jar Hinks, obviously.

  22. Anonymouse  

    No preference on the last three, but absolutely NO on Jar Jar Hinks. Do we REALLY want to nickname a dean after, arguably, one of the most annoying sidekick characters ever created? Allow her to have some pride as she starts her new job.

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