Bwoglines: It Keeps You Runnin’ Edition

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Helen of Troy. Run for cover.

Greek life recognition poll opens today. Let the games begin! (Spec)

Yesterday, a bunch of super fit people ran around New York City in the annual Marathon. If you know any Columbians who crossed the finish line, leave their names in the comments. Kudos everybody! (NYtimes)

PrezBill (Clinton) will hang in Harlem for another 10 years. (VOA)

A lovely quiz popped up on Bwog’s Facebook sidebar: “Which Lit Hum Bitch are You?” Helen is the new Samantha. (Facebook)

Way back when, on November 8th, X-rays were discovered accidentally! (History Channel)

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  1. banner

    How much longer is the Lil Wayne banner going to remain up?

    (Captcha: From Joisey)

  2. Anonymous  

    sam kohn ran (cc13) and got 2nd in his division

  3. Anonymous

    Deaton Jones and Louise McCune!

  4. Anonymous  

    Whoever made that quiz must be a baller...

  5. Anonymous  

    lauren pully, blake arnold, and sam kohn

  6. Anonymous  

    casey martinez!

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