Hail a Cab on College Walk!

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There’s a big yellow taxi on College Walk! No, it’s not the Cash Cab… (Come back to us Ben Bailey!!) This “Peace Taxi” is part of an exhibition by Club Bangla, Club Dimensions, the Caribbean Students Association, Sikh Students Association and African Students Association to recognize, as one organizer told Bwog, “the plight of the taxi driver.”  The event description reads: “Taxis occupy a crucial position in the various diasporas that make their home in the City: much more than transportation, they are vehicles of hope, belief and, very concretely, socio-economic mobility.” Governor (soon to be ex-governor) Paterson, CC’77, recently vetoed the Drivers Protection Act that would have increased the legal penalties for assaults on cab-drivers.

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  1. Not all cabbies

    are Indian you know....

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