Public Service Announcement: Barnard Greek Life Voting

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The Barnard Greek Life polls have opened! If you are a strong and beautiful Barnard woman, make sure to sign onto eBear sometime before November 22nd to vote “Yes, SGA should recognize Greek Life at Barnard” or “No, SGA should not recognize Greek Life at Barnard” (or abstain from exercising your right to vote altogether).

“But Bwog,” you say, “It’s all Greek to me!” For more coverage on the sorority saga, read about the Town Hall meeting and check out our Greek Life Recognition 101 facts sheet.

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  1. oy vey

    let the blood bath begin.

  2. please...  

    vote NO! Thanks.

  3. ahhhh  

    This issue, much like sorority girls, has gotten unbearable. Please vote NO so we can be done with it!

  4. voting  

    YES makes much more sense, because then you won't hear any more about it. if you vote no, i PROMISE you that you are going to hear a lot more about it. vote yes and it's much more likely to go away because the girls who actually care about sorority recognition will get what they need.

    PLEASE VOTE YES! thanks!

    • Internet Troll

      NO makes much more sense, because we shouldn't be held hostage to the demands of drunken irrational entitled exploitative bitchy feminazi privately-affiliated sorority girls!

      • voting  

        your idea of sorority women here at columbia is completely incorrect. check your facts before you generalize. your misconceptions about sorority life here come from stereotypes you've heard and from tv.

  5. Anonymous  

    voted no! I am so glad that they polled us on the issue

  6. VOTE YES!!!  

    I VOTED YES! ON GREEK LIFE RECOGNITION AT BARNARD!! PLEASE VOTE YES!!! Not only does it affect the panhellenic council but it also affects 6 multicultural sororities and one ifc co-ed frat.

  7. columbia  

    vote no. then we can finally kick barnard out of the sororities and eventually out of columbia university.

  8. bwog  

    you should cover the poster wars going on...entertaining shit

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