1. hmmm  

    I wonder who posted this up?

  2. hey now  

    You titled this post "Asians"? Way to fight racism, Bwog.

  3. Anonymous  

    Yes, that says "sexually ambiguous"

    Free association on stereotypes of Asians.

  4. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

    Oy, we are so sorry that the wrong title for this post went up. It was a truly inane title and was saved in our backend system as something different-- there was a problem with scheduling posts and unfortunately the draft title went up instead of the real title. That title was never supposed to go up and we're sorry that it did, even for the minute and a half that it was up. As far as "sexually ambiguous", that's a tag only because it randomly says "sexually ambiguous" on this funny piece of paper we found. Sorry again for the title mishap and contact me at if you have any other questions/concerns. Thank you for reading, always!

  5. Anonymous  


  6. Anonymous  

    that would be AAA..

  7. Yup,  

    It's those dirty liberal Asian American Alliance members' doings. But they definitely came up with a good list during their APIA history discussion!

    yet another dirty hippy liberal AAA member

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