1. Anonymous  

    Isn't the white belt the most terrible one (no offense)?

  2. Anonymous  

    Yeah, white belt is the lowest--that's the joke, but I really did lose my belt and it has no distinguishing features so I did the best I could.

  3. Anonymous

    It's not so much that the white belt is a terrible or a "low" rank. It simply signifies that one is at the beginning stages of learning a new skill. When you learn to read and write in a new language, you start off doing "preschool" level symbos and sounds. It really is not so much that you are an adult who is "slow" or not up to speed; rather, if you do not develop a solid foundation of the basics, you will never read or write with the fluency of that language. Truly, learning martial arts is not much different from learning another language.
    -I hope you find your white belt. And when you become a black belt, I hope you will be pleased with how fluid and strong your body and mind will be. It really is like speaking another language.

  4. Anonymous

    You can always take your belt down to a good sports shop and ask them to have your initials embroidered at the end of the belt. It looks sharp, but not that many people do it.

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