1. Anonymous  

    Trader Joe's isn't hosting- Hillel is!

  2. Joe Shmo  

    What's Hillel?

  3. Anonymous that the place Rami Levi is president?

  4. umm.

    trader joes = 72nd st

    we WISH they would host a study break here because trader joes is possibly the best thing that's happened since i dont even know when...

  5. Anonymous  

    amazing food
    and lots of it

  6. Mozzarella stickler  

    Where did that post go all of a sudden, friends?

  7. not sure  

    if i am welcome there...

  8. Anonymous

    I don't get the point of hillel at a school in NYC. I would bet most Jews are a subway ride away from their families and temples.

    • Anonymous

      and what about those that aren't that close? And even those that are- that means they should be going home to observe with their families rather than partaking in campus life?

      And that's beyond the fact that hillel is so much more than a religious place

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