Underwater Basket Weaving, Spring 2011 Edition

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A Hopi basket weaver circa 1900.

Wikipedia tells us that “In weaving willow baskets, a trough of water is needed in which to soak the dried willow rods. They are then left to stand until pliable and ready to be used in weaving. The weaving is, however, not done under water.” With that tidbit of information under our belts, registration for Spring Term 2011 begins next Monday, which means it’s time to plan what you’re going to take next semester for Bwog’s semesterly roundup of ridiculously-named courses. Please note that not all of these match the implications of “underwater basket weaving,” but instead simply have ridiculous names prone to misinterpretation. If you happen to come across any courses with humorous names that we missed, please leave them in the comments.

Technology Management K4124 Knowledge Management

Theatre Arts R6520 Collaboration

Sociology 86810 Organization Failure

Spanish W3542 The End of the World

Statistics W4543 Survival Analysis

Philosophy G4675 The Direction of Time

Psychology W3615 Children at Risk

Earth and Environmental Sciences W3018 Weapons of Mass Destruction

Earth and Environmental Sciences W4230 Crustal Deformation

Anthropology V3977 Trauma

Dance BC3000 From Page to Dance Stage

Electrical Engineering E4815 Random Signals and Noise

Science W3920 Ignorance

Anthropology G4143 Accusation

English BC3143 Middle Fictions

French W4995 French for Diplomats

International Affairs U6445 Talking with the Enemy

International Affairs U6216 Communique

Anthropology W4042 Agent, Person, Subject, Self

Psychology BC3390 Canine Cognition

Anthropology V3952 Taboo and Transgression

International Affairs U6620 Challenging Sovereignty

Anthropology G6206 Profane Illumination I

Engineering Mechanics E4114 Mechanics of Fracture and Fatigue

Anthropology G6003 Nietzsche and the Shaman’s Body

Philosophy G9515 Dispositions

Social Enterprise B8200 Strategic Philanthropy

Sociology G4520 Social Theory and the City

Economics X3063 Social Exclusion

Anthropology V3924 Anthropology and Disaster

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  1. CC'11

    some of these are not ridiculous at all. i.e. "social theory and the city."

  2. Harmony Hunter

    I signed up for W3018 last year. I ended up dropping it cause I couldn't find it.

  3. eric  

    Landscape Design K4102 Plants I

  4. Anonymous  

    v3530 "urban-dev: rubik cube- pol choices"

    m8990 "grantsmanship"

    w4377 "major gifts"

    k4020 "strategic storyteller"

  5. Golston  

    Has anyone taken a class with Michael Golston? Trying to decide whether I want to take his Post Modern Poetry seminar and culpa reviews are 5 years old...

  6. Anonymous  

    Crustal Deformation just sounds dirty

  7. Anonymous  

    i love that three of these classes are taussig

  8. mirror image

    Ɛ====|) ---- 0-:

  9. JJ5  

    PSYC W2620y Abnormal Behavior

  10. Anonymous  

    COMS W4118 Operating Systems <- Good for fulfilling a science requirement with minimal effort

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