Cart Chronicles: The Tale of Two Dosas

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Today, the Dosa Wars begin again. This afternoon, two Dosa Carts– VegeNation and the original Dosa cart (without a catchy name)– stood about 25 feet apart on 115th and Broadway. VegeNation has been here since July, but before that, there was the other Dosa truck that mysteriously disappeared one day last March. The original Dosa truck reappeared today.

The owner of the original Dosa truck was politic about his relations with The Other Truck: “he does his work, and I do mine,” he said. The man behind the counter at VegeNation was not pleased about the arrival of the original truck. He told Bwog that the original truck owner “likes to fight.” He also promised new items starting tomorrow without a price increase, and predicted that the other truck owner would “run away” within a few days due to the high cost of parking. The VegeNation owner has been able to avoid those fees because of a garage deal he has.

We’ll keep you posted on the Dosa Dilemma. May the best Dosa win!

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  1. The dosas

    from the older dosa cart were so much better, and the guy making the dosas was so much nicer! Here's hoping Vegenation goes somewhere else.

  2. Anonymous  

    both trucks feature comfort foods that are not optimal, nutrition-wise

  3. Just curious  

    Does anyone else think that the Vegenation cart should just be Veg-nation? I mean, all I think of is Vagination when I see that name.

  4. Vegenation sucks  

    The guy can't make dosas to save his life. The samosas would be their saving grace, but they're small and always cold.

  5. hmm

    all this time I thought original Dosa guy just upgraded his cart and marketing, I haven't bought anything at Vegination since original guy left. That being said, hail generic Dosa guy! He's the best.

  6. Original Dosa Truck  

    makes the best dosas! down with vegenation!

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