1. Um  

    Alas, that is too tall to fit under our ceiling.

  2. Anonymous

    i'm going to go ahead and argue that if the lights are still working, then it is still plugged into the city's electrical grid. I don't think kids should be trying to cut through those wires while trying to steal the big metal pole.

    Unless they are seas kids.

  3. Harmony Resident  

    I believe I heard the female scream that accompanied this event.

  4. Anonymous  

    There used to be one of those nice black lightposts (?) sitting around in the computer alley you reported (next to Computer Center and under Dodge). I always wanted to get it and then it disappeared.

  5. omg

    this is SO perfect for my room is it still there

  6. Demitri Martin  

    I would touch that with a 10 and a half foot pole.

  7. Anonymous  

    I wonder what the word "first" in the title implies.

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