Bwoglines: Trouble Stoppin’ Edition

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The Google Street View car is the cops’ new BFF. (Gawker)

Hold on to your phone. A “group of hoods” is wanted for its cell phone-snatching crime spree around Columbia. (Daily News)

The Four Loko banning saga continues. Washington’s ban on caffeinated alcohol drinks begins next week. (Seattle Times)

Get the flu vaccine from Health Services without the three hour-long wait. Just swipe and get your shot. (Spec)

Alma-market, a Craigslist-type website for the Columbia community, was launched today. Free broken bong, anyone?

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  1. Craig

    AlmaMarket rocks! I already sold two of my old textbooks. Suck it BookStore!

  2. Anonymous

    I like the idea of proximity to, and a certain level of familiarity with other online classified users on Alma-market. Seems convenient.

    Interested to see whether or not this site survives general Columbia apathy and catches on

  3. Alma Mater

    The missed connections section on almamarket is hilarious

  4. Alum

    Man, where was Alma Market a few years ago!? What a great idea.

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