Seniors, Today Is Your Day

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Graduation approaches!

11/11 is Senior Day! Seniors of CC/SEAS, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Go to Roone before 2pm and apply for your degree (you need it to graduate… who knew?). In case graduation isn’t incentive enough, there will be free Korilla tacos and 2011 t-shirts, and advisors and grad school admin officers for you to talk to. Your future awaits!

Update: If you can’t make the event, you can apply for your degree using this form from the Registrar’s website. ¬†Turn it in in Kent or send it to [email protected].

Step 2: Put on that lovely 2011 t-shirt you just acquired and get discounts at Havana, Campo and Mel’s from 5pm to 10pm.

Step 3: Go to Mel’s from 11pm to 2am. CC/SEAS people over 21 get a free beverage ticket. (Barnard and GS, you can come too.)

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  1. correction  

    the food discount is only for Havana and Mel's.

  2. Anonymous  

    Way to go in ordering the t-shirts, class. I got there at ~10:20, and there were no more XL crew neck shirts... what, did you order like 6 of them? Take into account that Columbia has a few people over 6'0''?

    Thank god I didn't have to get one of the xxx-deep v-neck shirts.

  3. V  

    V necks are fucking sick

  4. haha

    (barnard and gs) in parentheses as they belong when talking bout columbia

  5. BANKAS  

    enjoy your lives of misery. only a few more months til my ballin lifestyle as a MCKINSEY CONSULTANT.

  6. the t-shirts =  

    abysmal - drab gray and underwhelming plain font. sean & co. clearly did this last minute.

    so much for the seniors wearing their class spirit like they did last year. just another gym shirt :-(

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