Bwoglines: Rise and Fall Edition

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Columbia ROTC members end ban on campus military activities and perform a flag-raising ceremony in honor of Veterans Day. (Spec)

SoHo hipsters artists blamed for NYC real estate slowdown. (NYT)

Japanese robot actress Geminoid-F takes to the stage. We couldn’t make this up if we tried, folks. (Gawker)

Middle school boys have feelings, too. (The Daily Beast)

Our fellow Ivy Leaguers keep fighting the good fight for Four Loko. (IvyGate)

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  1. Pinnacle

    or Uni Cafe is open now bwog. I need a live report. I'm at work right now and I can't wait! Show me, show me! Please tell me they will still have cheap pizza at 1:30am!

  2. uni cafe  

    So I went there this morning to enjoy my favorite breakfast special. It looks cool! The lighting scheme is a little weird. Also all of the ice-cream & soup machines are in the middle of the space (where the tables used to be), which is kind of weird. Especially if you're looking from the juice fridges, and just see the backs of the machines. :S

  3. Anonymous

    the storm is coming

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