CU Players Bid Their Mother Good Night

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Last night, Bwog’s Theater-Goer Extraordinaire Gabby Beans sat in on the opening night of  CUP’s “‘night, Mother.”

The Glicker-Milstein Theater in the Diana Center could not have housed a more beautiful and devastating production this season. The CU Players’ production of Marsha Norman’s “‘night, Mother” is a challenging piece in every conceivable sense.

The story unfolds slowly. The audience is privy to a private and almost uncomfortably intimate glimpse into one hour in the life of Thelma, a lively older woman with an insatiable sweet-tooth (played by Morgaine Gooding-Silverwood, CC ‘14), and her middle-aged, epileptic daughter Jessie (played by Kate Eberstadt CC ’13). Just as soon as you are lulled into a sense of comfort in the naturalness of the domestic scene, a startling revelation is uncovered, sending the piece into an inexorable spiral where both characters grapple with some of the most basic and frightening aspects of the human condition.

The premise of the piece lends itself to an immediate and pointed emotional response, but the skill and honesty of the actors paired with the clarity of the direction is what makes the piece truly effective. Eberstadt’s Jessie is simultaneously decisive and vulnerable, and her defeated carriage clearly transmits the futility of her plight. Gooding-Silverwood plays a miraculously convincing 60+-year-old woman, and her groundedness and remarkable comedic timing provide an essential respite from the play’s more oppressive themes. However, it is the mother-daughter relationship between these two actors that is the chief triumph of the production. Their emotional struggle is both compelling and tragic, steeped in a skillful adherence to reality while maintaining the sense of foreboding appropriate to the play’s morbid subject matter.

In short, “’night, Mother”, directed by Louisa Levy CC ’12, is a remarkably gripping piece performed by talented, honest actors and directed with the clearest of intentions. If you’re looking for a cathartic experience, this is the play to see.

“’night, Mother” is running through Saturday.

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  1. Uh... guys?  

    If you're going to review a show, you should know who the director was. It's a little pathetic to credit the producer as director.

  2. Dudes:  

    Misinformaqtion runs rampant in this article:

    - Not the first student show in the Diana Black Box this term.

    - Louisa Levy directed. Stephanie produced.

  3. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy  

    Best album of all time... ALL TIME

  4. Seriously

    One of the best pieces of student theatre I've ever seen

  5. Louisa Fanboy  

    LOUISA LEVY IS SUCH AN AMAZING DIRECTOR!!! I can't see the show, but I knew it was going to be excellent from the start, 'cause Louisa seriously knows what she's doing, and given the amount of talent on this campus, I would have been shocked if she were not able to find a talented pair of actors capable of carrying this off. I'm glad to hear that said actors were found and the show is going so well.

    Also, unusually well-written for a bwog review, factual gaffes aside.

  6. BANKAS  

    dont support the arts. McKinsey, BCG, and Bain consultants do. CONSULTANTS4LIFE.

  7. Anonymous  


    wtf Columbia.....why aren't we doing this.....

  8. wow...  

    way to misspell the playwright's name!

  9. Anonymous  

    congrats, louisa!

  10. Hmm  

    Excellent performance; props to Louisa and the actresses. I still can't figure out why people like Marsha Norman's writing though.

  11. Anonymous  

    Amazing play, the actresses carried the emotions instilled in the script extraordinarily. There was not a person in the theater who did not cry. Congratulations the cast and staff for a job truly well done.

  12. Mozzarella stickler  

    "ofintentions" --> of intentions

  13. Anonymous

    This was a great performance, well directed and very performed. The actors slowly pulled you in and held you throughout the play, bringing your emotions to a peak, and your eyes to tears. Bravo to all.

  14. Anonymous  

    this was by far and away the best piece of student theatre i have ever seen.

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