Taqueria… Now Half Italian!

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Taqueria hasn’t always been sure what to do with its awkward other half room. Last year, the Mexican flag was painted on the ceiling and it was used for Taqueria overflow. Then it was closed, open again briefly, and closed again. Now it’s an Italian restaurant called La Piccola Cucina owned by the Taqueria folks.

The menu includes very reasonably priced soups, salads, pasta and “seafood over pasta,” hot and cold Italian sandwiches, and eight chicken entrees (Chicken picatta, francese, marsala, etc.) The entrees are all $9.50, the pastas are $8.95, small salads are $2.50, and the sandwiches are $6.50. None too shabby!

We’ll have a full report soon. If you get there before us, tell us how it is.

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  1. dear bwog,  

    i hate you with a passion that burns deep within my soul.
    gossip girl

  2. Anonymous

    Piccola Cucina used to be in a small spot next to an Italian restautant (was it called Prestos?) and the old movie theater on 107 and B'way. All three were knocked down to build the Opus condominiums. The owner of Taqueria was somehow related to the guy who ran Piccola Cucina. They made great sandwiches and soups, let's hope its the same folks.

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