Reverse Assassins Begins Today

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An Experiment

Today marks the beginning of the Social Experiment! Enthusiastic experimenters (and strangers) will be trading prompts and passwords on elevators, on college walk, and on the ramps…or will they? Res Life certainly thinks they will, and there’s a $500 prize for the most avid password collector. Go get to know each other, Columbia.

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  1. ummm  

    i got an e-mail that i know the first password but no one asked me yet boooooo

  2. hey  

    man could you email me that password - ma121

  3. Barnard Student  

    What is this???

  4. umm  

    i will sell passwords for a dollar a pop. anyone interested?

  5. The password is..  


  6. Winner

    Will also be told the location of Harmony.

  7. Ironically

    The winner's social reputation will probably plummet after they are pronounced victorious.

  8. Anonymous

    i received no such email, and I live in EC. And I could totally use $500

  9. Anonymous  

    Lol Hershey-Chase experiment

  10. oops

    Welcome to the Social Experiment

    Today’s prompt is: [no prompt found for today]

  11. ...  

    this cracks me up to no end. the level of pride and stock that is put in the admissions process and "class building." then, uh, fruits of that labor are borne in the form of having to bribe the damn kids to get them to talk to each other.

    they shouldn't be offering bounties to get people to talk, they should be rolling heads in the admissions office...

  12. Oh Columbia, you're so predictably cynical  

    Ok so the marketing strategy of like oooo you didn't talk to anyone before but now you will thing is really dumb. But the game as a whole is not so bad. It's just this year's Res Life attempt to set up a fun way to give away $500 that will also encourage some more interaction maybe in dorms -- or at least be easy and inclusive to play.

    And the fact that people are getting into this in a lot of ways -- most especially in the supposedly rebellious but really enthusiastic Socialist Experiment -- proves that they picked something good. It's also not nearly as limited as previous Res Life competitions like CU Search, which was limited to people with that much free time (really who are you? ) and CU's Got Talent, which was limited to people with performable "talents" and those without shame (granted there are more of this group than the previous category).

    I say game on. Why not.

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