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Sean Zimmerman reports from last night’s Engineering Student Council meeting.

At the ESC meeting last night, CAVA’s push for new office space was the order of the day. ESC heard CAVA’s proposal for new space in Broadway Hall, and voted in favor of giving CAVA both Broadway 102 and Broadway 103. CAVA said after the meeting that ESC’s support could lead CCSC to reconsider giving CAVA the Broadway 102 space. CCSC voted yesterday in favor of awarding CAVA the Broadway 103 space, but voted against giving them the Broadway 102 space.

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  1. Oh, Please

    With all the secrets keys they have, they're gonna use Broadway 102, permission or not.

  2. who  

    fucking cares whether cava gets 102 also. i am so sick of this stupid ass debate.

  3. WHY

    Didnt CCSC just give them both spaces and get it over with?

  4. lost  

    Hey guys, what's the prompt for today's password?

    I didn't get an email!

  5. anonymous

    what exactly is the procedure for them to get space, anyways? I don't understand what else has to happen.

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