Free Food Roundup: Photos and Wizards

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This is a photograph of the famous Wizard Antawn Jamison.

CU Photography Society is hosting an event in Kent 403 at 5:30 featuring the portfolios of photographers Lois Conner and Leilei Meng, with discussions of their work and the practice of photography in East Asia. There will be free food.

CCSC 2012 is hosting a study break with refreshments at 10:00 in the Piano Lounge of Lerner Hall. There will also be a raffle for CC juniors with ID confirming they are CC juniors, the prize of which is a set of tickets to the premiere of the Harry Potter movie.

Update (6:34): There is free South Asian, Caribbean, and Latin food right now at Earl Harl, courtesy of Club Bangla for their Border Panel

image via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Gilbert Arenas  

    took a dump in his teammate's shoes.

  2. umm  

    michael jordan, gilbert arenas, and john wall are all way more famous wizards than antawn jamison. bwog you guys are fucking nerds just admit it

  3. ummm  

    they didn't say the most famous wizard

  4. Anonymous  

    He is not even a wizard anymore lol

  5. Anonymous  

    Nobody beats the Wiz!

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