Representative Rangel Convicted of 11 Ethics Violations

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"Charles Rangel, Official Portrait" Forrealz.

NYTimes reports a House ethics panel has found Democratic Representative Charles Rangel guilty of 11 out of the 13 alleged ethics violations. “I am not being treated fairly,” the Morningside Heights and Harlem representative told the ethics committee yesterday before he walked out of his hearing. The committee ruled Rangel had violated House rules for improper fundraising and failing to disclose more than half a million dollars in assets. The Daily News reports the Congressman boycotted his own hearing and wasn’t even present for the final ruling. The full House committee will now debate the verdict.

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  1. *sigh*  

    Rangel is the best argument for Congressional term limits I've ever seen. I'm so glad I didn't vote for him this year, even though it meant I had to vote for the homophobic Republican instead :(

    • Not logical.

      He shouldn't have been elected. That isn't an "argument" for term limits-- it's an argument for judging candidates for office on individual merit.

    • Not Rangel  

      I didn't vote for him either, but I passed on the homophobic Republican and went for the Green Party candidate. He didn't have a hope in hell of being elected, but at least it was a vote that let me sleep at night.

  2. :(



  3. Rangel  

    has done amazing things for the people of Harlem - ethics allegations aside. His constituents love him (see election results year after year) because of the tremendous job he does as their congressman.

  4. c'mon yall  

    I at least respect rangel's moxie... he told the ethics committee to "bring it on" and walked out of a hearing

    rangel: making our [already corrupt] politics badass since 2008

  5. totally logical  

    it's an argument that democratically electing officials doesn't necessarily weed out corruption, and so in order to prevent corrupt officials from abusing the system, we need term limits to kick them out even when we (the voters) don't know that they're corrupt.

  6. only thing thats worse

    than a liberal is a green party candidate...basing their party of a lie = global warming.

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