Social Conundrum

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A portion of one of the database files which were available online.

A tipster notified Bwog yesterday that the source files of the Social Experiment website, including the databases of passwords for each day, had been uploaded to the open source project hosting site GitHub and were publicly available. Bwog has since notified the Office of Residential Programs and the files appeared to have been taken down from the site as of yesterday. However, Residential Programs has not responded to any requests for comment, and it remains unclear how, if at all, the Social Experiment will be affected by the leaks.

So good luck to all you Social and Socialist Experimenters, and a big shout out to our tipster for valuing his or her ethics over $500.

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  1. really?  

    Oh, ResLife...I can't wait to see how the VShow is going to treat this whole clusteruck that is the social experiment!

  2. wow  

    bravo to whomever found this! I am amazed by the resourcefulness.

  3. ResLife  

    lol Game over. Just with the image you have up there is a enough to through off any actual work to be done, though people should still be social.

  4. Now hiring

    A competent web developer. Please send your name, uni, SSN, and bank account number for payroll purposes, to ResLife.

  5. bwog  

    you realize your picture lists all the passwords right? hahahah i will forever love bwogs fuck you culture. spec would never do some shit like this. nobody would have found out the passwords if it not were for this very post.

  6. i tried  

    to enter the passwords, but they don't work. wtf. also, mine is microscopic. now no one ask me how i'm doing, please.

  7. Das proletariat  

    The Socialist Experiment's initiative to donate money to charity is hardly innovative. Someone needs to start an oppositional collaboration to evenly distribute the wealth--that's socialism. Free ice cream or something

  8. umm  

    i am making over 100,000 next year at Mckinsey. What do i care about 500? and why are so many of my classmates STILL unemployed?

  9. pico  

    I'd like to know this password: "Why is housing so inept?"

  10. EMD  

    Here's a prompt: Don't you think the Social Experiment is fucking retarded?

  11. Anonymous

    We have a great library and I enjoyed reading about it

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