Motorbike Accident on 115th and Broadway

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Update, 8:57: The police tape is gone and Broadway has been reopened for traffic.

Update, 8:15: With the commotion gone, there appears to be blood on the street about 3-5 yards ahead of the bike, which is still there. Policemen have confirmed to Bwog that there were no CU students involved. Police also confirm the skateboarder was a woman.

Update, 8:02: A policeman tells Bwog a different story: that the motorbike hit a woman crossing the street. He says both the man and woman are in critical condition and have been taken to St Luke’s. Several witnesses confirmed that it was a skateboarder who cut off the motorbike so no official word on the other party yet.

Update, 7:50: The firetrucks have left the scene, but some emergency vehicles remain. The man on the motorbike has been loaded into an ambulance headed to St Luke’s but the ambulance has yet to clear the scene. Witnesses report that the man on the motorbike looked very injured. No word on where the person on the skateboard is. Broadway in the downtown direction between 116th and 115th is still blocked off.

Update, 7:45: Bwog checked in with a few eyewitnesses who told us that the motorbike was going at a “reasonable speed” when someone on a skateboard cut ahead of him. The man on the motorbike braked and flew, again according to witnesses, at least 10 feet off his bike.

There was a motorcycle¬†motorbike¬†accident just a few moments ago outside Morton Williams. The entire street is currently blocked off, and police cars, a firetruck and ambulances are on the scene. The motorbike rider, who is male, is currently on the ground next to his bike. He is wearing a helmet, but there is a small stream of blood around his head. A few minutes ago, he was being helped by some civilians while ambulances arrived. We’re hearing lots of sirens now. A large crowd has gathered around Morton. Updates to follow. If you find out anything, please let us know in the comments.


  1. what  

    what color was the bike?

  2. yeah  

    thanks for covering this! i saw the ambulance from ferris and was wondering what it was

  3. Anonymous  

    Red Ducati bike. There's a tow truck picking it up now

  4. Anonymous  

    I sincerely hope those people are okay

    • Anonymous  

      I actually saw the whole thing happen from 115th and talked to the police shortly after to give an witness account - the officer said the man had pretty bad damage to his face and probably some other parts of his body, but nothing long-term. The woman's leg was hurt as well, but ultimately they will both be fine.

      • BDF

        The guy was my teacher's brother..she says he's fine his memory a bit foggy but alright. Although I think 9/10 it was the skate boarders fault. My friend and I were thinking that she was careless and didn't care (even though we used other choice words that i won't put on here..)

        I do like to point out the credibility in some of the comments (or was it just so they can be funny..I'm TALKING TO YOU CURIOUS!!!!!)

  5. Anonymous  

    "Police also confirm the skateboarder was a woman" lol

  6. Anonymous

    How is that funny, when the person who tried not to hit her is seriously injured?

  7. motorcycles  

    are the worst when it comes to stopping and trying to avoid accident. kinda like bikes. if you try to just stop all of a sudden, you just go flying off.

    prob why they're known as donor-cycles.

    i hope those people are alright

  8. Anonymous

    This is why women shouldn't be on skateboards.

  9. Anonymous

    what the hell is a motorbike

  10. Anonymous  

    do we know how this guy is? i was @bway & 116th when i heard the horrible sound and looked up. really upsetting. please let us know if he is okay.

    the skateboarder did not have the light. was she identified?

  11. curious  

    What was a woman doing skateboarding?

  12. BDF

    It was the skateboarders fault..she didn't pay attention and now HE has to pay for pissed off about this grrr...

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