1. ...  

    affluent roach coaches are a crime against nature.

  2. Richard Shaw  

    I'm the guy in the sweater, btw.

  3. Anonymous  

    Are their dumplings any good?

    • Decent Dumplings  

      I've seen the truck there a few times now, and decided to pick up some dumplings for lunch between classes. The dumplings were pretty good. Definitely better than anything you can get at Cafe East. I chose the Thai chicken and basil dumplings, which came with a peanut sate dipping sauce. I also got a miso soup, all for $9, pretty decently priced. However, the soup was far too salty, and the dumplings were a little warmer than luke-warm. Worth a shot, if your looking for something different.

    • Anonymous  

      want my dumpings?

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