Sex Toys and Free Food on the Ramps

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Take Back the Night’s Sexhibition Health Fair is going on today from 11am-3pm on the Lerner Ramps and in the Roone Arledge Lobby. Decorate peen cookies, nab some free préservatifs and pomegranate vanilla-flavored lubrication, and enter the playful toy items raffle. Baked goods and o-faces for all!

At 7pm, Sexhibition will be screening the documentary Orgasm Inc.: The Strange Science of Female Pleasure in the Diana Event Oval. Filmmaker Liz Canner will lead a discussion on sex in college, the medicalization of female sexuality, female viagra pills and other such sex-inspired themes.

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  1. Muggleborn  

    Bwog, I love you for today's logo.

  2. Can Bwog  

    Comment on the orgy Sexhibition is scheduling in Butler tomorrow night to promote sex-positive attitudes towards learning?

  3. Anonymous  

    Sexhibition in the Diana EVENT OVAL!?!? tehehe. The 13 year old boy in me finds this absolutely hilarious.

  4. phil  

    the penis cookie looks delicious.

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