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In the interest of fairness, Bwog would like to add an addendum to our coverage of the mock checkpoint on Low yesterday. In addition to posting Hillel’s flyer, we’ve uploaded CSJP’s, which you can now read here (.doc file).

Bwog does not endorse the position of any student group. We will post information sent to us at provided it is relevant to our coverage.

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  1. Anonymous

    Add it to the original post!

  2. rabble rabble rabble  


  3. Anonymous  

    i don't give a shit about what some overly-religious idiots do halfway across the world. This is why we can't have nice things.

    I don't care about who attacked who first or who owned the land before. I just don't care. They both need to shut the fuck up and have a fucking war and decide this shit. Clearly, they are both too retarded to figure this out peaceably. I don't care if the Israelis are way more powerful. If that's the case, then they get their way. If the opposition thinks that their cause is worth dying for, then let's indulge them.

    I don't have time for religiously inspired dogmatism. That US money goes to help anyone involved is shameful.

  4. Go

    Israel , down with terrorism and those against the USA

  5. The Ghost of John Randolph of Roanoke  

    I do love seeing the infighting between 2 groups of knee jerk leftists (yes, the anti-Iran neo-cons count as a member of the aforementioned, see Mr. Buchanan's writings: In one corner, the Israel Uber Alles automatons (usually grandchildren of the people who thought Lenin was right), who want perpetual US intervention in The Sandbox to preserve their little experiment. In the other, the post-colonial theorists (pronounced guilty silver spoons) who simply love a Third World that is violently against whatever they believe should be forced down the throats of the people here in America, as God knows Hezbollah loves gays and feminists. Pygmies fighting with cranes over which nation America should bow before. Pity they'll grow up to be on the ballot or in the bureaucracy which runs our once successful nation. Well, at least when the Chinese take over after they decide to repo the nation when we pay them with Monopoly money, we won't have to deal with these morons any more.

  6. Suggestion to Bwog  

    For any which leads to a political debate in the comment thread, please disable the aspect of the like-not-like feature which shades out particularly disliked comments. It is possible that the supporters of one side of the argument will simply manipulate this function to shade out all the comments by the opposing side, and that legitimate political opinions will be portrayed as extreme or offensive when they are simply different. I recognize the function that this tool serves for other more social or community themed posts of screening against offensive and hostile commenting. In politics I think the default position should be more flexible.

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