Pottermania: A Retrospective

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Thursday night we gave a forecast of impending Harry Potter madness. Today we follow up with a retrospective of all the wonderful Potter pride that we witnessed. Here are some highlights:

  • Lots of Columbia/Barnard people were spotted at the 3:30 AM IMAX show at Lincoln Square.
  • One gay student on campus wore a t-shirt to the midnight showing that said “Dumbledore Pride!” in rainbow letters.
  • A Dobby donning brown paper ears, a tag that said “SPEW!” and a sock pinned to a cut-up pillowcase was seen roaming about campus.
  • Harry Potter got a special shout-out at the Bad Poetry contest.

A number of students were spotted out in group costumes:

And if you still have doubts about how much Columbia LOVES Harry Potter, the following information should be of great comfort: a commenter tips that the line to the midnight show at 84th Street pictured below broke out in a rousing rendition of “Roar, Lion, Roar.”

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  1. screw

    this you guys are in college grow up...

  2. um  

    I feel bad for the harry potter guy, because he is doomed to star in the harry potter series for life.

  3. Roar, Lion, Roar?  


  4. Duh  

    You can't just GO to Pigfarts, it's ON MARS. You need a ROCKET SHIP. Do YOU have a rocket ship?

    • Anonymous  

      I bet you do. You know, not all of us inherited enough money to buy out NASA when our parents died. Look at this. Rocketship Potter. Starkid Potter. Mooonshoes Potter. TRAVERSING THE GALAXY FOR INTERGALATIC TRAVELS TO PIGFARTS.

  5. ryan  

    i fucking love gus hecht

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