Bwoglines: Kvetching and Kvelling Edition

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TSA screener inspects service monkey. Watch out, George!

The New York Mets have a new manager. This will be your year, guys! No more unfortunate Met-ahpors... (ESPN)

The Northwest Science Building is ruffling some feathers. Is it interdisciplinary enough? SEAS-sy enough? Transparent enough? At least it reflects clouds —a magic mirror to the sky! (Spec)

This past weekend everyone was kvetching about getting fondled by TSA. People are getting super angry and naked. Safe travels friends! (NYTimes, NY Mag—best headline award: “Don’t Scan Me, Bro,” Politico, MSNBC, TIME). The Atlantic has a pretty good run-down of all the drama minus the stories about urine and prosthetic breasts.

Remember when you used to blaze and go on Chatroulette sometimes? Then you saw too many penises and stopped. Well, some other techie folks haven’t lost hope in random video connections (NYTimes).

Barnardians, Lily Cederbaum and Vaidehi Joshi, waited in line to see the midnight Harry Potter showing, chatted with a reporter, and got quoted in the WSJ blog. From the article: “Vaidehi Joshi, a 20-year-old Sirius Black impersonator, arrived with 20-year-old Lily Cedarbaum, dressed as Buckbeak the Hippogriff. “I wanted to be Sirius because he’s awesome, and I got to go all out,” Joshi said. “We’re the Harry Potter generation, so this is a momentous thing.” Word. (WSJ)

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  1. alum  

    Northwest Science Building is opening soon? Can't believe I've been here long enough to see it go from tennis court to grand opening.

  2. Anonymous  

    correction--lily CEDARBAUM (don't make me pull a crucio on you)

  3. Oh Carolyn Ruvkun,  

    I am loving the Yiddishkeit on Bwog.

  4. Hooray for the City Council!

    On November 18, they proposed a ban on full-body scanners throughout the city, including government buildings and airports.

  5. good coverage  

    on the TSA scanners and pat-downs. Very not cool. Thanks for citing that many articles.

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