Columbia Sweethearts: the Texan Freshmen

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It seems everyone’s lookin‘ for a little lovin‘ at Columbia these days. People also do a lot of whining at this school that they’ll never find love. Bwog is here to prove those people kind-of-wrong! Believe it or not, people find their life long mates here! Even Hawkma rides the wings of love. In this installment of College Sweethearts, meet Skylar and Duncan, two Texan freshmen who prove the Lone Star state isn’t so lonely after all. Raphaelle Debenedetti reports

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How did you guys meet?
Skylar: We are both from Houston, Texas and we met at the Houston acceptance Columbia reception on April 10, 2010.
Duncan: Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have started a relationship if I didn’t know we were both going to be at Columbia.

So because you both live in Houston, have your families met?
S: Yeah. our families have spent quite a bit of time together, we have a brother and sister in common who are the same age and have a lot in common, and they are friends (just friends, not dating!). Our parents all really like each other.
D: Yeah your mom was with my mom like two days ago.
S: Our moms hung out two days ago in Houston. It’s cute. It makes it easier since we are both really big family people—
D: We put family first.
S: Family is really important.

What’s it like being one of the only successful freshmen couples here?
D: It’s weird because people always ask us awkward questions like—
S: “Did y’all just meet here? You’re already dating?”
D: And we have to repeat the story all over again.
S: And some are like “Oh so you guys applied together, how cute!”
D: There’s actually another couple on campus that met exactly the same way.

What activities do you do at Columbia?
S: Yeah, what activities do you do?
D: What do I do? I play football.
S: And I’m in a musical. And we’re contributors and copy editors at The Federalist.
D: Well she’s a copy editor—
S: And he’s a contributor.

Do these activities give you any time to spend together?
D: Well they kind of separate us, but we see each other quite often, as often as possible.
S: We try to eat together as often as we can, because that’s an easy time—we both have to eat during the day!
D: It’s a good coincidence we have time in common. If I would have had more choice, since I have football, on what time to set my classes, I would have tried to get more time together though.

What do you do to see each other more often?
D: Catching movies, going downtown—
S: We walk around.
D: We swing dance!
S: Yeah, and we took some salsa dancing classes.
D: She’s teaching me how to play the piano, and we play guitar together.

What’s your favorite song to play together?

S: Well, considering I only know like three songs… I’m not very good at the guitar, but he’s really good.
D: Well she knows how to play “Black Bird” a lot better than I do, so we play that together. It sounds really nice. But we like playing other songs—
S: We are really disgustingly cute. People hate us for it! We sing to each other too.

Could you name each other’s favorite movies?
D: Yes! Moulin Rouge definitely.
S: That’s unfair! It’s sitting upstairs on my shelf!
D: You’re turn. Do my favorite movie now.
S: Well you don’t—
D: Yeah I don’t—
S: You don’t have a favorite movie really.
D: Yeah I’m just like “I love that movie” all the time! Just pick one, and if it’s one I really like I’ll just say its my favorite.
S: You love Snatch.
D: Okay that’s good!

So will you guys see each other over the breaks?
D: Yes definitely.
S: It’s awesome that we get to see each other back home.
D: Well we are still going to spend half the holidays with our families.
S: But our families are going to do joint festivities since they get along really well.

What are your biggest differences?
D: Differences happen in relationship, but nothing to fight about. If you can understand them and talk about them, it’s all good.
S: Our biggest differences are that we wish we could be more like the other person. Like, he’s really relaxed all the time and I’m high stressed all the time. I wish I could be more chilled about everything, but he calms me down when I’m stressed.
D: But she’s a lot more devoted to things, like doing work, being a really good student and successful because of the work she puts in to it. I hope it rubs off on me a little bit.

You stole my next “favorite thing about each other” question. Any thing
else about you two you want to add?

Together: Mmm.
D: We make each other things all the time.
S: Yeah! Like I needle pointed him a belt. I’m currently knitting him a scarf and needle pointing him a Christmas socking. I cook for him. I bake him cookies—

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  1. awwwhwhh

    Good to see that not everyone here is too cynical to be cute and in love

  2. your jealous sexiled roommate  

    I can't tell if the vomit coming out of me is the 4 Loko or in response to that adorable garbage.

  3. wow,

    there really must be nothing going on around campus.

  4. Anonymous  

    Vomit anyone?

  5. Somehow

    when I read that he played football, I understood.

  6. 4th grader  

    Lol. "You love snatch."

  7. new low

    bwog, why are you seventeen magazine?

  8. Anonymous  

    what is a needlepoint belt?

  9. Why  

    are you people so cynical?!? This is absolutely adorable! I'm a guy and I'm saying that. Maybe the cynical commenters are just jealous they have nothing like this in their lives.

  10. CC'11

    bwog is almost exclusively about white people.

  11. um

    kind of true. \black people\ should submit more tips to bwog then!

  12. I have seen that belt  

    and it is a work of art.

  13. .  

    I know them both, they're pretty cool.

  14. since when  

    do people who have been together less than a year get a profile done on their relationship? I hope we aren't so cynical that this constitutes as newsworthy.

  15. Anonymous  

    they're freshmen, and they're probably still in their honeymoon period. their relationship isn't exactly spectacular.

  16. adorable

    makes me feel just that much more lonely.

  17. Anonymous  

    wait so this means these hancomcponchos were so fluffernutterbutterloverer with eachother that they actually opted to send themselves into bwog?

    they wanted this published?

    this is consistent with her comment: "We are really disgustingly cute. People hate us for it! We sing to each other too." She enjoys being disgusting.

  18. This is bullshit  

    Why have we as a community stooped so low that when we see these freshman idiots faun over each other, we masturbate to it? I AM DISGUSTED, disgusted at the lack of professionalism in the Bwog staff , and their need to bottom-feed for stories. What will be the next post? The squirrel man and his life long rodent partner? All relationships are lies, and people who sugar coat it like this, make me puke. The only successful relationship I have ever seen was between a man and his right hand. It cooks without wanting to talk about its feelings, while still getting him off every night.

  19. I think... aneurysm just popped.

  20. carla  

    people chill the hell out

    "I AM DISGUSTED, disgusted at the lack of professionalism in the Bwog staff"

    why do you care so much? relax. thanks.

  21. Surfin' Incest  

    I am more concerned about the fact that they have a brother and sister in common.
    ohhhhhh generalizations about the South...

  22. Anonymous  

    when will you profile a gay couple?

  23. bro  

    On April 10, 2010 I was drunk as fuck!

  24. Anonymous

    He gives football players a bad name
    And If they're such a good cour, why is he always running around playing with himself?

    This makes me wanna gouge my eyes out.

  25. Anonymous  

    why can I not 'like' this comment?

  26. Anonymous  

    this kid is a disgrace to the football team

  27. Anonymous  

    hes the best deep snapper ever, so stop talking shit

  28. Anonymous  

    I don't get why there's a problem with happy people on campus. It's awesome that there are couples that are so happy. Hope you guys stay together to prove the cynics wrong!
    Also I wanna meet Skylar and Duncan!!!

  29. hmm

    Funny how they have a brother and a sister in common and yet they say they met for the first time at a college acceptance reception. Either they have a huge family or a very serious problem remembering faces, or something else that eludes my grasp.

  30. St.As  

    doesnt take ppl from Texas, sorry. did you go to exeter/andover/trinity/lawrenceville/deerfield/ lakefield? no? NEXT

  31. ...  

    I generally hold off on posting hostile comments on Bwog, but I will make an exception. This interview is really stupid. I actually regret taking the time to read it. This feature could have some potential, given that Columbia isn't exactly known for its active dating scene and showing evidence to the contrary might be constructive. The interview with the couple who share a name was at least somewhat entertaining. However, I don't feel that this interview, which features a bunch of freshmen who have been together, as another commenter pointed out, less than a year, is exciting to read about.

    Also, "I wish I could be more chilled about everything?" As in, chilled like a white wine?

  32. Oh no  

    m'aneurysm just popped.

  33. Let's see....  

    The girl I've liked for a almost a year is dating a 30something GS student she met in a seminar we're currently taking together.

    we all sit together and I drive my own pencil in 2 inches into my flesh every week to keep smiling.

    She has also gotten ridiculously, clinically, hot over the past 2 weeks whereas I've gained 7 pounds.

    Leg wounds don't heal properly.

    To get over this, I'm currently hooking up with a girl I loathe from my sophomore year, every other day.

    She in return is hooking up with me to make her ex, my old roommate, jealous.

    Her end-goal is for me to "get punched in the face at 1020 and for him to swoop her off her feet" (direct quotation).

    I have a midterm tomorrow morning because our teacher wants us to "earn our Thanksgiving break" (again).


    I'm happy for Skylar and Duncan and their forthcoming Aryan children, really, thrilled, but so help me God BWOG, I'm about to set this entire goddamn school.

  34. These froshcocks  

    are REALLY annoying. I think the girlfriend read too many Cosmos and Better Homes and Gardens in her research on how to keep a man.

  35. Anonymous  

    ughhhhhhh. all this heteronormative crap. why is columbia like this

  36. Anonymous  

    Virgins and homos are dominating this conversation

  37. Welch's  

    Grapes are delicious.

  38. Bwog

    IS A BLOG. yes it would be nice if they wrote reviews and articles that were more well written and showed a bit of the brains that got them to this school; but above all THIS IS A BLOG. if people are giving tips about cute happy couples, bwog will write about them. if you have a problem- don't read it. Yes, this couple is awkwardly head over heels and dumb for putting a legit picture of the two of them so stalkers can creep, but that doesn't mean bwog is bad for posting this. let the post give you a good laugh, slight bit of hope, or an \i'm so lonely\ cry, and get over it.

  39. Anonymous

    Skylar and Duncan are amazing people.

  40. Really?  

    Have you seen our football team? It's a disgrace to itself.

  41. Anonymous

    I bet they had no idea what he was getting into while they were being interviewed. Googling them show they've been interviewed a lot (separately), and come off looking good - sports (both), music (her), debate (him), charity work (both). They probably thought it was going to be like the other articles. This isn't bad at all, but emphasizing cuteness will bring on a lot of teasing - especially in the locker room!

  42. Duncan's sister

    I would just like to state for the record that Skylar's brother and I are not related. We are about the same age but not siblings...

    Also, this will be the source of much heckling for YEARS to come.
    Thank you BWOG.

    ~Duncan's Sister ^_^

  43. anonymous  

    Okay I have to admit, I love this column! Please don't stop.

  44. bwog...

    "You’re turn."

    Come on now.

  45. Duncan's Dad "Skeeter"

    Yo Boy, you done good. She's cuter than a bugs ear. I want all y'all to know he and her aint siblings and neither are their siblings. Y'all seem ta confuze Texas with West Virginia.. we have laws here. And jus to be clear befur you jumps to conclusions his younger sisters (not mentioned) are kin to him, to each other, but not this pretty filly or her brother who I hear would be useful around the farm.

    PS - the chickens have stopped layin so much now that its winter so it will take a little longer for maw to get the money to finish your sweater than expected.. try to stay warm.


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