1. If this ends badly  

    Turnstile-gate 2010

  2. Anonymous  

    Pull before moving forward? I don't think so.

    I always thought the issue was that there was a problem in the authentication software, so that if it was a high-volume time, it wouldn't receive the "ok" response in time, though the request would be cached, forcing you to swipe your card again (of course after the lights stop blinking, due to a different bug) for it to immediately read the cache and let you through.

    Or is this theory just as retarded as the "retreat to move forward" one?

  3. Ooh

    I hope it's the one that they use at the airports, with arms on both sides that retract.
    Though I can go without the free ball-handling.

  4. Anonymous

    of all the buildings on campus, why is this the one with turnstiles / metal gates? there's seemingly nothing of importance outside of a rat-infested dining hall, mailboxes, and a couple of pianos.

    not to mention people unaffiliated with the university are likely to have meetings in the administrative offices that take up so much of the space to begin with.

  5. good point  

    all the other buildings are within the gates

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