ESC: EC Is Getting A Turnstile!

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Sean Zimmermann reports on last night’s ESC meeting.

  • ESC Sustainability Liaison Will Cybriwsky, in collaboration with GreenUmbrella, GreenBorough, and Eco Reps, is working to organize a “book swap,” where students would give their used textbooks to ESC after the semester. The council would then sell the books for the student, and give them the money from the sale. If the book doesn’t sell, the book is returned to the student. The idea is to encourage student to recycle books while also giving students the real market rate for their books (instead of the book store, which only pays students a percentage of the market rate).
  • Council members discussed that, according to dinning services, only 30 students so far have used the newly implemented takeout options at JJ’s place. This comes as a surprise to both the council and Dinning Services, as the lack of JJ’s takeout was one of the most common complaints in the recent dining survey.
  • Though the council discussed splitting the current amnesty policy proposal into two separate initiatives, one for individual students and one for groups, it was decided that the council would vote on a single updated proposal, which would offer amnesty to both individuals and groups, at the next meeting. Under the proposal passed by CCSC, student groups hosting an event, as well as students in the immediate vicinity, would receive amnesty if a student called CAVA.
  • ESC President Chris Elizondo reported EC will receive an electronic turnstile for a second entrance. This should decrease the amount of time required to get into EC during busy nights, and is a small step in the council’s continuing efforts to expand the swipe system on campus.

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  1. EC Turnstile

    HEET with those emergency pushbar doors, a la the subway?

  2. JJ's Takeout  

    I was not aware this was an option. Still, no dining dollars option...

    • dining committee member  

      They're working on it, there should be an alacarte option for a few most popular items starting after winter break! So if you just want a wrap, or just want curly fries, you don't have to pay 13 dollars, or however much a swipe costs now.

  3. Anonymous  

    Yeah the thing about JJ's takeout is that every time I think about doing it I remind myself what I'd be getting: Three measly chicken strips and a few curly fries. Not worth a meal swipe. Also they switched to paper trays so I'm pretty sure most people just carry those out.

  4. anyone else

    think elizondo should be shot for that email he sent out to the student body?

  5. Jaded Sophomore  

    I don't see why the council and Dining Services are so surprised about people not using JJ's takeout option. No one wants to pay 50 cents for a plastic container, nor does anyone want the burden of having to carry around the other one. They didn't give us what we wanted. As far as I'm concerned, JJ's has gone to the pits and I'd rather just not go at all.

  6. hahahaha  

    You two just need to calm down. JJ's is not freak-out-worthy.

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