Bwoglines: Those Guys Look Fast Edition

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If only this were the bike-sharing we meant.

The Bloomberg administration has plans for this cool bike-sharing thing, and they think they have a plan to deal with theft and graffiti.  Talk about idealistic! (NYT)

There was an unusually violent fight at Rikers, and officials won’t say why.  Bwog suspects inmates are understandably upset that Weezy is gone. (NBC New York)

Other people are picking up on the CUSJP checkpoint protest/counter-protest.  We’re a forum for dialogue!  (YNetNews)

CUIT is considering switching to Google Apps, but apparently they  “[haven’t] heard many student complaints about CubMail.”  Also, apparently some people still use CubMail at all instead of forwarding.  Come on, people! (Spec)

Update: Those new TSA scanners may cause cancer, according to a Columbia doc.  (The Consumerist)

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  1. Anonymous  

    The reason why there aren't complaints about CubMail is because anyone smart enough to care has already redirected their CubMail to their Gmail Inbox.

    But yes PLEASE integrate with Google Apps CUIT. CubMail is a horrendous piece of shit.

  2. jr

    Where exactly can we complain to CUIT?

  3. I

    Still use it and don't want to forward my mail!

    That being said if they switched it over to google I really wouldn't care as long as I don't have to do anything proactive.

    Now if only they could get us another printer in Mcbain that would be AWESOME!

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