Bwog Embeds! The Ref Room Has Gone Dark

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Jumpin’ Jehosaphats! The overhead lights in the Reference Room have been off all weekend and the room is glowing strangely and kind of beautifully. It is also freezing. A man with a Nike baseball hat sits hunched over his homework, coat and scarf on, rocking back and forth for warmth.

Surprise: there still aren’t any seats, so don’t bother. The Powers That Be at Butler informed a Bwog tipster that the lights went out over the weekend. Since it’s a holiday weekend, nothing can be done now.

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  1. Anonymous  

    it's sooooo much better with them off.

    not so much with the heat, but whatever.

    Can we petition to have them off more often? Maybe a regular schedule? Or perhaps just leave them off permanently?

  2. Anonymous

    this is the kind of scene that columbia should put on its admissions material

  3. Stuck in Butler  

    My favorite weekend event at Butler was in the Reference Reading Room at 6pm on Saturday when some clueless employee came in and turned off the lights and told everyone the library is closing. Needless to say, he was met with a round of protesting shots that informed him that he was indeed in error. He retreated quickly into whatever safe corner he hides in and has not been seen, nor heard from, again.

    Ahhhh, Columbia!

  4. prefrosh

    Seriously, i applied ed to a school that doesnt keep its lites on ??!

    • Anonymous  

      I think this makes you a prospie.

    • Anonymous

      no one has gotten in yet off even if they applied early, so that means he or she isn't yet, and might not become, a prospy.

      but seriously kid, don't worry about the lights around here. If there is one thing Columbia does well, it is maintenance and campus utility management. The only reason anyone cares about this is because there are normally several dozen spotlights shining down in this room. It is a welcome change in my opinion.

    • Yes You Did

      And in case your wondering, we have problems keeping our pants on too.

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