George Castro (Not A University Employee!) Accused of Stealing 4.5 Million from University

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Scandalous! The NY Post reports the Manhattan DA nabbed George Castro for allegedly stealing millions from Columbia. Bwog is in touch with University officials now, and we’ll keep you updated when we hear back.

Update: Double scandalous, the Post was wrong. The Wall Street Journal reports that Mr. Castro is not, in fact, an employee of Columbia. More details to follow.

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  1. I heard  

    He got the money by stealing plates from John Jay and selling them in Midtown.

  2. Anonymous  

    this is where my fucking tuition is going? unbelievable

  3. ...  

    " sir. the money just appeared in my account... i assumed that it was, you know, a bonus or something... because well, you know, i had been extra special friendly and made a few new friends at work and well it's columbia, you know... they have a lot of money and do really crazy things there, you know, like give bonuses for being friendly on the job and stuff like that... you know..."

  4. Made my day.  

    I don't know why, because I swear I'm more loyal to Columbia than your average, but somehow this brightened my spirits. I'd like to shake this man's hand.

  5. I'm Me  

    Glad to know that my full tuition not only pays for people's financial aid but also to crooks.

    • Yes

      Exactly. Why do I get the feeling that those laughing about this (i.e. the comment at 4:29) aren't stuck paying the full tuition?

    • Anonymous  

      Your tuition is allowing you to get an education from Columbia. That's where it's going. Yeah, it's fucking terrible that someone is ripping off Columbia, but what's even more troubling is the fact that you relate it to financial aid, which allows people like me, who can't afford the tuition here, to get the same education as you, the asshole.

      • i  

        completley agree with the sentiment.. i am sick of paying for all the poor kids at the school to go here, maybe their parents should have been a little more responsible.

        • Wow

          It's honestly meeting people like you that make me question how efficient the admissions process is in this institution if it means dbags like you are getting through.

          Welcome to America. Blame the system - not the students. I think it's more impressive that the "poor students" got into the same institution as you with even fewer resources at their disposal.

        • i  

          hope you're trolling. Otherwise I would just LOVE to live the life that allowed such an insulated, misguided, myopic sense of entitlement to somehow develop.

        • Anonymous

          i'm pretty sure that guy was trying to be sarcastic. if he was colberting it up, props to him. if he's serious, then shit, we have no hope...

      • Ah

        sorry, my mistake. I should've realized that when Columbia loses millions of dollars to thieves, it has NO EFFECT on the education being offered. Because while Columbia' money in general may not be self-generating, the money it uses to provide our education certainly is!

  6. Anonymous

    Let's just agree that the guy is a DBag for stealing money from Colum.

  7. Michael B.  

    I must've put a decimal point in the wrong place or something.

  8. wait  

    what exactly did he do here?

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