Relieving Frustration Through Dining Comments

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Certain members of our community have been letting off end-of-semester angst by writing angry comments on dining hall bulletin boards. For example, this note was left in Hewitt circa 11:07 this morning:

Hang in there, champ. We know classes are stressful (and dining does stuff like that) but there’s no need to yell.


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  2. Chocolate milk lover  

    The chocolate milk yesterday morning was off. I mean absolutely, definitely, unquestionably past its use-by date. Were they trying to get rid of pre-Thanksgiving stock or something? Not acceptable.

  3. Anonymous  

    I remember Hewitt consistently ran out of food an hour or so before it closed, almost every day. I'm glad I don't go there anymore.

  4. has anyone else noticed  

    ..the recent fruit fly invasion at Hewitt? I know there's not a lot you can do about that stuff - they're pretty resilient - but I found one in my salad not too long ago. :/

    • The only issue here...  

      is how this affects meatless Mondays.

    • gross  

      my friend had a beetle crawl out of his salad at john jay

    • Fucking fruit flies.  

      Take an empty 2 liter soda bottle, fill it just below the label with a solution of dish detergent, water, and vinegar (preferably apple cider). Take a screw driver and pierce the top of the cap, which is to remain on the bottle at all costs. Now use a knife to cut fruit-fly sized holes in to the more conical part of the bottle - any flaps of plastic caused by rough cuts should be folded inward. There's a certain satisfaction in watching the little bastards try to escape, hopelessly attempting a retreat through those little holes that were so much easier to squeeze into than out of.

      Make about 1-3 of these per room, planting them where the flies are most concentrated (i.e., drains and trash cans - you know, where they like to get busy). You can substitute the bottles for a jar, using plastic wrap as the holed membrane.

      Much more effective than Death by Raid.

  5. in ferris booth  

    there's a poster that says: "the belly rules the mind". Well if so, then FUCKING MAKE GOOD FOOD!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous  

    the racism in hewitt is hilarious.

    also, WTH are you doing putting out the freaking salad bar at 11 if I can't have it until 11:30am? Are you fucking kidding me? i walk in, there is no food, im going to eat from the freaking salad bar if i want to. not only that, but i get screamed at like a child if I reach for anything.

  7. Honey  

    Going to the dining hall was a WASTE in the first place.

  8. Anonymous  

    The note is ridiculous, but they shouldn't let people swipe in if there isn't any food.

  9. bc'11  

    maybe they wouldnt be racist if they didnt think every white person that came up to them was privileged or was gonna be rude like others have done.

    you know you could try actually being nice to the people who serve your food.

    i often ask them how they are and hows their day and i try to be polite.

    i think you all really need some lessons in manners.

    • Anonymous  

      i regularly strike up conversations with the people who work in hewitt, the diana, etc... especially the pizza guy, he's great! but that woman who worked the sandwich counter was so OBVIOUS it was ridiculous!

  10. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

    Sure, a fair point that we should note when we delete comments. We deleted a comment because employees at Hewitt were accused of racism, an extremely loaded claim that we didn't feel would be fair to keep on this comment thread. If you have any additional questions, please consult our comment policy or email me directly at [email protected] Thanks for reading and caring!

    • Anonymous  

      Why not let the comment stand, and let the community evaluate the claim? It seems like you give the comment more credibility by deleting it.

      I mean, it's not like the the commentators here are particularly prone to endorse crazy comments. I think the audience is mature enough for serious accusations.

      Now, I didn't get to read the comment, so if it was just inflammatory and not at all reasoned, then I guess I understand.

  11. bad eyesight  

    Could someone transcribe the second picture? I can only figure out half of it.

  12. Anonymous  

    really? do we really have to take this conversation in that direction?

  13. Anonymous  

    No bread tonight in Hewitt..... nice

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