Anna Feuer, CC ’11, Wins a Marshall Scholarship

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Oxford, in a different era

Look, sometimes things work out for English majors! Anna Feuer, CC ’11, will head to Oxford next year on a Marshall scholarship to write about the interaction between Irish and Indian writers during the early 20th century. Niche history… it gets you free shit! Congratulations, Anna!

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  1. Ellen K.

    Congrats, Anna!!!

  2. JE  

    Congrats Anna. 1020 drinks on me this weekend!

  3. Death's Door 3


  4. Death's Door 4  

    Baddest, hottest bitch in the game.

  5. Death's Door fangirl  


  6. Death's Door 5  

    couldn't be more well-deserved!

  7. LG  

    This girl works so hard and deserves this! Plus, she is an amazing friend!

  8. yay!  

    It makes me so happy that these comments are all nice and supportive. I don't know this girl but this is an awesome achievement. Go Columbia! We can be nice, sometimes.

  9. RG  

    Congratulations, Anna! So deserved!!! Oxford is lucky to have you!

  10. What's Death's Door??

    yay anna! best columbia ever had!

  11. Who is  

    Death's door fan girl??? Death's door is dying to know!

  12. CP  

    CONGRATULATIONS ANNA! What wonderful news. You are an inspiration!

  13. Adam

    Congrats Anna! Girl's the best.

  14. Ivette  

    Great job, Anna!! You deserve it!

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