1. -_-  

    I'm going for Night Eyes, not so much for Mickey Avalon

  2. lame  

    am i the only person who finds this shit incredibly rude and also just not very good music? i feel like an old fogey, but so be it.

  3. ...

    I think I need a shower after that video.

  4. Anonymous

    It's good to hear I'm not the only person around here who thinks this is not cool AT ALL. In fact, I find it pretty fucked up that a prestigious educational institution is paying good money to this boneheaded disaster of a human, so he can come here and... what? Broaden our intellectual horizons? Provide us with an edifying experience? Expose us to diverse aspects of culture? It's a mess. Seriously. Bacchanal should be ashamed of themselves.

    But that's just the nature of contemporary youth culture: desperately, abjectly attached to its entertainment, and too brainwashed by media bigwigs to retain any semblance of discrimination in taste.

    This is so depressing. I'm going to go read Maldoror now, bye Bwog.

    • Anonymous  

      he's coming here so that we can relax and have fun. lighten up!

    • Anonymous  

      Wow, I wish I had a horse as high as yours to ride in on!

    • Womp womp  

      Alackaday! Modern jaded, so self-absorbed, so uncritically amused, so uncool. Sir/Madam, would that you and I were back in the prestigious barrooms and ateliers of Montparnasse, edifying ourselves with the tasteful, discriminating, and not-at-all-flamboyant intelligensia. O, refined, thoughtful cultural critique! But, wait: Man Ray wants us to witness a debauched spectacle characteristic of the epoch. How trivial! How shameful! How tawdry!

      Yet, do not despair. Let us set our sights on a more respectable era, that of Lautreamont, of Baudelaire, of Rimbaud. Exalt the sage creators of high art! Exalt their fortitude in refraining from nonintellectual pursuits! Indeed, it was a disciplined regard for norms of taste which inspired Les Fleurs du Mal (roughly translated as "The Flowers of Things Generally Deemed to Be of Historical, Cultural, or Aesthetic Significance.") Ah, the righteousness of cultural superiority! Ah, the academic dedication! Ah, the decorous abstinence from popular fashions and trivial pursuits! Ah, the lack of penicillin to cure that nasty case of syphilis you contracted from that whore (or one of the others)! Wait. Whores? Cabarets? Absinthe? Operas (and wanton actresses)? Dandyism? The subtle pleasure of aimless, observational wandering amid blur of a society in flux? How loathsome that, in addition to intellectualism, they dared engage in easy pleasures and lowbrow popular culture! Worse still, that their Muses were no more than the ignoble circumstances of their lives and their society. Uncultured hedonists!

      Well, my companion on this moral-cultural sojourn, let us return to our dorms this Thursday night to contemplate the failure of our peers to share our highly-cultivated entertainment tastes. How fortunate we are to understand the nuances of college education! True erudition comes from a rigid unwillingness to experience and understand the breadth of modern life, from a denial of immediate pleasures, and from a retreat into an intellectual utopia of Great Culture.

    • CC'10

      Seems like you might be on the academic track. As someone who's now in grad school (humanities), I can tell you only one thing for certain: one of the few things that makes this journey tolerable is when you get together with fellow students, get really drunk, and dance to cheesy music until the early hours of the morning. You can still write your dissertation on critical theory the next day!

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