Bwoglines: Foul Play Edition

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Bengu Sezen, a former Ph.D. student in Columbia’s chemistry department, committed 21 instances of scientific misconduct in her doctoral research and is now banned from all sorts of government work. (Spec)

WikiLeaks went on a Twitter tirade against its former host,, after Amazon crumbled under government pressure and shut the site down. (NY Mag)

Scientists found the slutty gene. Well actually, it’s the “thrill-seeking” gene, DRD4, but people with it are more likely to enjoy horror movies, have uncommitted sex, and be politically liberal. Ring a bell? (Gawker)

The number of rapes, burglaries and assaults in the area has been on the rise–but no worries! Morningside Heights’ murder rate remains the same. (Spec)

Update: Econ legend and U.S. Soccer president Professor Gulati spearheaded the U.S.’s formal bid to host the World Cup ’22. Other notable presenters included Bill Clinton, Morgan Freeman, Obama (via video) and star player Landon Donovan.

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  1. Hark Hark!  

    NASA to announce discovery of new life form discovered living in Mono Lake, California


  2. Yay!

    Now we know that even though we might be raped, burgled, or assaulted, we won't be shanked!!!

  3. Gulati should go  

    Gulati should step down as U.S. soccer head

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