i wrote that in september

  2. Anonymous

    I LOVE THIS. I hate when people make out in front of me in the library.

    I await responses calling me some variation of prudish and ugly.

  3. no kissing

    but sex is okay.

  4. no problem  

    no parents, no rules

  5. Anonymous  

    i wonder what the signs say in the stacks *smirk*

  6. joe c

    And back in my day 30 years ago, the stacks were completely closed except for the entrance/exit at the front desk, were rather dark except for fluorescent lights on timers, and women could pick up a whistle at the desk in to use in case they were attacked.

  7. apparently  

    there hasn't been an act by the administration worthy of a war on fun tag on bwog since the postcrypt fiasco last january. Either the war on fun is dying down or this is the calm before the storm. My guess is that two weeks from now we are all going to forced into a Butler shaped concentration camp subsisting on old coffee, fried food and stolen adderall. Cold, alone and sober. Get ready for hell...

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