1. Anonymous  

    i'd go just to see her

  2. Anonymous

    i sure hope orgo night is funnier than this...

  3. Anonymous  

    damn natalie, you a crazy chick

  4. G(tb)^2  

    Natalie is amazing!! <3

  5. Anonymous

    that's not really christine o'donnell bro.

  6. jr  

    When is orgo night?

  7. i hear they are  

    the sloppiest

  8. um  

    blowjobs anyone? anyone? bjs? anyone, anyone?



  10. Anonymous  

    That was painfully unfunny.

  11. so awkward.

    just like CUMB

  12. That  

    kind of creeped the shit out of me.

  13. there is  

    a desk in 301 pupin with the true meaning carved into it

  14. Anonymous  

    i would not let her give me a sloppy blowjob.

  15. Anonymous  

    Censorship much?

  16. I accept  

    blowjobs of all kinds.

  17. wow

    why does she clench her teeth like that? can't she speak properly?

  18. Anonymous  

    Geese! Those bastards tickle babies.

  19. Anonymous  

    Germans! Take back those bucks!

  20. i love flute choir  

    get the band to barnard

  21. cu"mb"

    if you want to be a band, learn how to play. if you want to be a comedy troupe write better jokes. you obviously can't handle both right now so just take some time and focus on one of them.

  22. Me

    April Fools 1981 Jester Band goes through orgo but Breslow keeps teaching. Fifteen minutes later he turns to class and asks "Is it someone's birthday?"

  23. it's true  

    natalie's a fox

  24. Anonymous  

    da la banda de marcha su casa de piedra marrĂ³n

  25. Anonymous  

    Someone obviously needs to go back to Spanish class. It should be "regale a la banda de marcha su casa de piedra marrĂ³n".

  26. Natalie always

    makes me want to cumb.

  27. why does  

    bwog delete all my comments?

  28. Anonymous  

    Natalie-- that was so great! You have so many talents.

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