If Life Gives You Lemons…

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Rami Levi was studying in the stacks when he felt the urge to procrastinate. Upon finding a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, our procrastinator extraordinaire was inspired. He did what any reasonable person would do in the situation; he used the bottle, and a few books, to make a stop-motion video.

Study Break?

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  1. devoted fan  

    ha this is great! rami, thank you for your antics. they never cease to entertain.

  2. Hooah  

    I like it, I like it a lot.

  3. ahhhh  

    oh em geee!!! Secret crush on you. You're awesome!

  4. Rami

    is awesome. Jets suck.

  5. Anonymous  

    OMGZZZ this is great!! you're like.. a GENIUS!

    (the yalmukaa on your head played no part in making me feel the need to write such an impulsive, excessively praiseful comment)

  6. Colum2012

    I assume this isn't at Butler?

  7. Aficionado  


  8. Little work is done  

    by those who grieve
    when thoughts keep drifting
    as books keep shifting
    and this great blue library of ours
    seems a house of leaves

    moments before the wind.

  9. ...  

    i think you guys should run a contest... solicit submissions of evidence of extrordinary procrastinatorial exuberance. the most creative procraject (by popular vote) wins a prize.

    • Anonymous  

      Thats a risky proposal. The beauty of this movie is that it is (or at least seems to be ) a genuine act of procrastination. If you have a contest, you might just get people like those d-bags who are pledging for frats doing stupid things to be noticed.

      • ...  

        well i mean, come on. filming a silly video of yourself and submitting it to a blog certainly sounds like doing something stupid for the sake of being noticed to me...

        if it was done purely for the sake of the dopamine squirt that not doing what you're supposed to mysteriously provides, then why are are we having this discussion here?

        i don't think that attention seeking motives necessarily rob a deed of it's procrastinatory pedigree. and honestly, even if it did, i don't think i would care. i think it'd be worth it to see some creativity.

        • Anonymous  

          I feel like this video provides the perfect balance between "look at me" and "I don't want to do work". I agree that a contest may throw off that balance, unfortunately.

  10. Butler Librarian  


  11. no really  

    You are VERY cute

  12. Anonymous  

    this is amazing. and you, sir, are adorable.

  13. to be fair  

    pledging for frats isn't douchbaggy because its competative and theyre doing stupid shit for a reason. its douchebaggy because THEY WANT TO BE IN FRATS.

  14. Brabo

    I've heard of hiding books on the wrong shelf, but this is reticulous!

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