1. Harmony Hunter  

    I've heard it said there are seats in Harmony.

  2. GRRRRR  

    I spend more time looking for a seat in Butler than ACTUALLY STUDYING. Dear Bwog, help us studious Columbians in our quest for collegiate-looking study spaces. Make us a map!

  3. Anonymous  

    yes, bwog. where should i go to study?

  4. holy shit  

    just go to Lehman or some other library if you can't find a seat in Butler. it's not hard. or better yet, just go to Lehman directly. there's always space there.

  5. i don't understand  

    why does everyone feel the need to go to butler?? there are so many other places to study on campus, like avery or the library in SIPA or the law school library, or the east asian library in kent... butler is ALWAYS packed, it seems like people go there to be seen studying rather than to actually study, no?

  6. there are  

    literally 0 seats in Butler right now. Do not try to come. every1 that has already staked a claim will be camping for the remainder of the day and likely well into the night. I am dead serious.

  7. Anonymous  

    we need a marauder's map

  8. The reason  

    everyone goes to Butler is in order to study, they need people to watch/judge if they procrastinate. It's like panopticism—everyone watches everyone else.

  9. butler  

    is the hub of campus studying. there is no arguing this. why would u go anywehre else? EVERY1 is here.

  10. does  

    anybody study in their room?

  11. Anonymous  


    Going to Butler is clearly the preference of students. The quality of Butler creates a demand that is higher than supply, and apparently this is not true for other libraries. Have fun in your inferior libraries.

    The exception to this, is if you believe that those who choose to goto butler are acting irrationally. If we are acting irrationally, then how to you think you are going to convince us that we are wrong using rational arguments?

    So either we are rational and making a decision that is corroborated by several thousand other Butler-goers and would-be-but-couldn't-find-a-seat-people, or we are irrational and you can STFU.

  12. problem solved

    if we ban Barnard students from Butler during finals. I dont think people would care/mind

    • of course  

      this turns into a Barnard vs. Columbia thing. It's finals. It's always like this. It would be like this if Barnard didn't exist. People need a place to study - the library, any of them on campus, don't have the capacity for everyone who wants a seat. There are free public libraries, lot's of cafes outside of Morningside Heights and plenty of other places. But Butler is convenient so people go there. Whether you like it or not, complaining doesn't really solve anything. Either go really early, camp out, or find somewhere else to study. End rant, begin paper.

    • Anonymous  

      I think it is fairly obvious that Barnard students are more likely to come to Butler than College/SEAS students are likely to goto whatever libraries Barnard has. So long as there are too few seats, I think it is completely reasonable that the libraries are restricted to affiliations depends on whose library it is. Does my tuition pay for Barnard libraries? no. So should I be able to use it, no. Do I want to use it? hell no, who wants to be surrounded by...

    • but  

      I don't think that Barnard has libraries, so you can't kick them out of Butler (and other Columbia libraries) so they'd have nowhere else to go.

    • ...  

      Or you can just find somewhere else to study.

      Really, it is not that hard to figure out. Rather than people complaining about the problem and wasting more valuable study time, they should shut the fuck up and solve it themselves...

      You're in college. Be a big kid!

    • Anonymous  

      Ok. You stop going to Hewitt and the Diana, I'll stop going to Butler. Done deal.

    • Okay.  

      I swear half of you "Columbia vs. Barnard" students are either on the debate team, trolls, or you're fucking children.

      God damn, my university pride drops tremendously whenever I read some of these Bwog comments...

  13. Hooah  

    "Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded." -Yogi Berra


    Poor monkey. His day is worse than any of ours.

    • Oh for fuck's sake  

      I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the thing is dead, lipsticked, and chemically buried by now.

      MY essay however is alive and well. Focus, will you.

      This ain't fucking PETA.

  15. anonymous  

    there's a seat near me at the back of 209 by the printers. if anyone wants it.

  16. Well,  

    201 is mostly free...

  17. Little solace comes  

    to those who grieve
    when thoughts keep drifting
    as books keep shifting
    and this great blue school of ours
    seems a house of leaves

    moments before the wind.

  18. Anonymous  

    I'm CC and I go to Barnard library almost exclusively during finals. I've never had a problem finding a seat, and the first floor is 24hrs during finals.

  19. Anonymous  

    Butler is a shit hole. It literally smells like shit because people don't leave and take showers. I'm not even sure they leave to go to the bathroom, which would also explain the shit smells.

    Study in your room. There's a desk there for a reason. The only reason people go to Butler is to be seen studying. If you must go to a library, hit Lehman. Then when it closes, go back to your room. This is not difficult.

  20. who  

    goes to butler to be seen studying? this sounds completely preposterous and impossible and inexplicable to me.

  21. Okay.  

    Am I the only one who is NOT cynical enough to believe that every single student who goes to Butler and/or updates a social network saying so is doing it solely to "look studious?"

    I feel like half of the people who keep bringing that up either have a terrible image of those around them, or simply partake in the moral sin themselves. I go to Butler because it works for me. I'm sure all of the other students who made into one of our country's top institutions go to it for the exact same reason. No one got into this school by pretending to study.

    Stop giving a fuck about what other students are doing with their lives and focus on yourself.

    I don't mind debate on which library feels best for studying/has the most space, but god damn cynics piss me off.

  22. Anonymous  

    Ragey Bwog comments during finals: the best tradition!

    When senior wisdom rolls around, someone should graph comment numbers/viciousness vs. time. Whatever poor soul gets the first exam day is always ripped to shreds.

  23. Me

    Terrace's monkey pecking at an Apple ][e competing with the pigeons and rabbits.

  24. Anonymous  

    Barnard is Columbia's malignant cyst. PrezBo must remove it. Before it metastasizes.

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