Bwoglines: Harmony Hunting Edition

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Lotsa people are talking about SIPA’s reaction to WikiLeaks. Huffpo gave us this ridiculously dramatic photo, the Village Voice called Columbia fascist, and now NY Mag endorses NYU-style topless protesting. Apparently, telling students to ignore a major event totally revolutionizing journalism and politics counters the goals of most universities. Be rebellious, friends, go learn!

Captain Derek Jeter is staying on with the Yankees for a cool $51 mil three-year deal. Better not screw up. (ESPN)

Our favorite Business School Dean and Bush tax-cut architect Glenn Hubbard argues “fiscal contractions can be expansionary” in an NYTimes article today. He and his other Bush era cronies say continuing the tax-cuts would be part of a longer plan to lift American spirits and increase business investment. To democratic Keynesians, this just sounds like a formula for reducing demand and increasing unemployment. But wait, there’s compromise on the horizon—”hints of a truce in economic battle.” Apparently Hubbard praised the recent recommendations from Obama’s deficit reduction commission. Optimism? Harmony? Shenanigans. (NYTimes)

And for some news on the home front: Sophomore roommates Tiffany Firebaugh, CC ’13, and Megan Armstrong, SEAS ’13, entered a music video sweepstakes. If they win, the pair has pledged to donate their $2500 prize money to help stop sex trafficking. The vid is pretty cute, and this winner is selected by popularity. So go view it, post it, share it, “like” it, tweet it, or whatever crazy “it” thing you kids are doing these days.

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  1. Anonymous  

    This is amazing! Best of luck to them!

  2. Bad

    This video is absolutely horrible. There are only two scenes and they have nothing to do with the song lyrics. This is a joke and you can tell the actors think so too.

  3. cut them a break!  

    they're trying to do something awesome. megan and tiffany, i love you!

  4. too  

    much cleavage, not enough good dancing.

  5. anonymous

    Megan and tiffany are hot :D.

  6. This could be good . . .  

    if they're weren't dressed like such hipsters.

  7. Anonymous  

    i <3 Megan and Tiffany! Serious props for them to doing this!

  8. but  

    I don't understand.

  9. Harmony Hunter  

    Hey you guys I heard Harmony was somewhere down he - oof!! *gets hit by subway train*

  10. Anonymous  

    they cant dance methinks

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