1. Anonymous  

    sometimes bwog is YOUR mom!

  2. Anonymous

    But if I wore boots they would cover up my toes, and my toes look great!

  3. ugh  

    the most obnoxious thing is on weekends when you see girls with skirts on the streets without leggings or tights.

  4. Anonymous  

    If Bwog is my mom, could you make me some nice home-cooked food?

  5. is that a carrot  

    or a dildo?

  6. In addition  

    flipflops are sooooooo unfashionable. This is the time of year to don your fabulous Dior winter coat, big black leather Chanel bag, and Louboutin over-the-knee heels and strut down College Walk like its your runway. And please ladies (and gents), no Uggs. Do you really want to look as trashy as Britney Spears? Have some dignity!

  7. Anonymous  

    Don't be a little bitch.

  8. coco  

    andrew wears flipflops year round

  9. cocoa  

    woops, mispelled my name. should be cocoa*

  10. Anonymous

    Saw a dude in a cardigan and flip-flops in front of Butler. Wanted to take a picture with caption: Stupid or Californian?

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