SGA: Rhetorical Questions Edition

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SGA met Monday. Bwog’s Katheryn Thayer was there.

XMAS! 5 A Corporate Carol, the annual theater production, asked the council for $1000 so their show would be free for all. The council didn’t grant them the full $1000, but voted to award the group $500.

Students Organization Committee advocated the revival of a long-dormant club dedicated to “Feminist Thought” and the creation of a club for promoting awareness of the human papillomavirus (HPV), prompting one council member to ask, “What’s HPV?” In response, another member quipped, “I guess that’s why we need the club.” Fifteen minutes later, the “It was a rhetorical question, guys!” defense was invoked.

Of 200 Barnard students who voted in a recent referendum on a campus-wide smoking ban, 72% voted in favor of the ban. SGA members voiced concerns that many students don’t understand current rules and that the minority of students who smoke would be unduly affected. Discussion of the ban will continue.

Bacchanal asked for SGA’s co-sponsorship of their spring concert via a contribution of $20,000, suggesting a possible battle of the bands on Barnard’s campus to find an opener for the concert. The council indicated that Barnard would make a contribution so long as other undergraduate colleges also contribute.

The council also approved a new student position within the Food Allergy Group. The council was informed that approvals and rejections of winter break housing requests will be sent out Tuesday and that Barnard course evaluations will now be available online.

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  1. ZACA

    Isn't HPV just the scientific name for "The Order of the Phoenix" ?

  2. hmm

    why do we need a club promoting awareness of HPV? didn't we all get the vaccine? shouldn't that make HPV awareness less of an issue?

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