Bwoglines: Pushing Limits Edition

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Oh Hey, 2015! Columbia ED results are out today.

Columbia bartenders don’t have to strip. Phew. (NYT)

Anonymous “hacktivists” took down the websites of Visa and Mastercard yesterday in their war for WikiLeaks’ revenge, but the Feds know how to strike back. (NYMag, Gawker)

Tania Bruguera talks about using dirt and cocaine in her behavior art. (The Eye)

Columbia librarian and graphic novel selector Karen Green was named an Eisner judge for 2011. (Columbia).

On the Upper East Side, a 21-year old was fatally hit by a truck while crossing the street and listening to his iPod. (Gothamist)

Composer Pierre Boulez celebrated his extended 85th birthday run with a Composer Portraits concert at Miller Theater. (NYT)

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  1. oh man  

    We were just starting something on the other thread. Why'd you have to mess it all up bwog? no one reads used posts!

  2. But seriously  

    Can we get T-shirts that say "Operation Ivy League"

  3. wow

    The Feds know how to strike back? Read the article. Also, ignore the article's title, the actual content doesn't live up to it at all. They closed a few twitter accounts and deleted a few 4chan threads. That's not payback or not closing the noose. That's grasping at straws.

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